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We strive for nature and come back home

My Vision of Home is a story about transforming and carrying inspiration, energy and sense of balance found in nature into our living spaces.
Shapes, light and textures found in vast, Kazakhstan landscapes paired with objects we surround ourselves with at home project the emotional states of our spaces and poetry we come in contact with every day. Created by Étage for Yurta Interiors, a bureau located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Reaching for nature is embedded in our genes. We are constantly learning from what surrounds us and strive for the outside, yet we always come back home.
Concept & idea Étage team / DOP Andrey Belyanskiy / Production Étage team / Art direction Somerset Karine / Photography Zarina Gainullina / Set Design Assel Abilkhamit, Étage team / Set Design assistance Aruzhan Toleugali / MUAh Galiya Begeyeva / Style Étage team / Gaffer Anvar / Edit Shakhzod Musayev / Color Nurtas Mamytbayev / Sound Robert Ziganshin / special thanks for support to Andrew Kim

featuring the founder of YURTA Interiors — Darya Vetrova