Date: 15 OCT 2021 — 28 OCT 2021
Place: Kasteyev State Museum of Arts, Almaty

ÉTAGE Х ALFA-BANK partnership
Date: 15 OCT 2021 — 28 OCT 2021
Place: Kasteyev State Museum of Arts, Almaty

ÉTAGE Х ALFA-BANK partnership
Étage curated an art and design exhibition “Sense of Rhythm” organized in partnership with Alfa-Bank at Kasteyev State Museum of Arts in Almaty, Kazakhstan in October 2021.
This exhibition was a result of collaboration between local and international artists and designers who explored the multisensory aspects of rhythm in different forms and media. Exhibited works were created through different experiments in architecture, music, arts, video & photography. This event got a lot of attention locally and overwhelming crowd turnouts every day setting a record for the museum with 18 000 people visitors in 12 days.

The concept development was mainly focused on widening the meaning of rhythm. Creativity and extensive ideas carried in the sense of rhythm were a natural choice to meet the shared values of all participants. Everything that surrounds us has rhythm. It lives deep within and far outside us. As human beings, we can respond to rhythm by featuring its idea in multiple ways in our lives.
Sense of Rhythm exhibition, Installation view, Kasteyev State Museum of Arts, Almaty 2021
Photo: Zarina Gainullina
Adil is inspired by his love for the Great Steppe. His works were exhibited in Dubai, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Saint-Tropez and were previously shown in France, Germany, and Spain. They reflect his thoughts on the history of his homeland. “The line of life is the complex of everything. All of my visual culture forms with lines.”

Aya Shalkar is a young Kazakh artist and graphic designer who became widely known on Instagram. She is interested in experimental and heritage-based research and will be producing an installation dedicated to the theme of Generational Rhythms.

Bakhtiyar Berkin and Mika Barny work as a collaborative duo, whose body of work reflects how modern social, economic and political issues affect their perception of the surrounding world as well as their personal relationship. In this exhibition, they are exploring the idea of rhythm in space and inviting the audience to engage.

As architects and urbanists, Chingiz and Assel are interested in the exploration of a forgotten material used in the traditional nomadic craft. They are rethinking an object or a piece of architecture by renovating and placing it as a central exhibition piece.

An experimental workshop with design students and practicing designers dedicated to creating a compelling typographic composition. A selection of posters will be exhibited. A visiting designer lecture/workshop on typography to promote graphic design education and culture in Kazakhstan. Rhythm is an integral part of typography. Harmony, balance, and tension of positive and negative space within letters, sentences, and paragraphs are widely explored in typographic compositions. This section of the exhibition is dedicated to the art of typographic posters.

The Buhars are a music collective who explore sounds of traditional Kazakh instruments and give them new life. Nikolay Bagdasaryan is a renowned contemporary dancer from Russia. Set against magnificent, picturesque Boszhyra region in Western Kazakhstan, the bottom of Tethys, ancient impetuous ocean of Mesozoic era, the music video directed by Étage tells a story about the sounds and movements of The Great Steppe and its vibrant, diverse rhythms.

Nurtas Sisekenov is a creative director and multimedia artist. / @mindharassment
«15 октября в музее имени Кастеева прошло открытие выставки современного дизайна и искусства "Чувство ритма". Мероприятие будет идти до 28 октября. Выставка объединила казахстанских художников, архитекторов и дизайнеров…»
«…на выставке впервые в истории современного Казахстана будет представлена экспозиция шрифтового плаката. В этом жанре графические дизайнеры исследуют ритм, динамику, движение и пространство.»
«Этой задумкой мы решили не только поддержать творчество и искусство Казахстана, но и призвать всех к тому, чтобы люди занимались тем, что им нравится и получали от этого большое удовольствие.»
«…исследования феномена ритма в разных формах и медиа: через эксперименты в архитектуре, музыке, живописи, видео и фотографии. Выставка будет проходить в Алматы с 15 по 28 октября в музее искусств имени Абылхана Кастеева.»
«Ярчайшим событием, вызвавшим небывалый ажиотаж у любителей искусства, стала выставка "Чувство ритма", открывшаяся в Государственном музее искусств им.Кастеева. Чувство ритма, как одно из человеческих качеств, неизменно было тесно связано с разными жанрами искусства...»
«Ритм на глубинном интуитивном уровне связан с получением особого удовольствия – он вовлекает человека в движение, устанавливая внутренний порядок этого движения и вызывая к жизни созидательную энергию.»
41 qūmalaq
by Aya Shalkar, Studio Oneki
41 qūmalaq
by Aya Shalkar, Studio Oneki
Sterile Hotel 
by Berkin & Mika
by Chingiz Batyrbekov & Assel Yeszhanova
Borderless Poster
by Étage X Brownfox
Rhythm of the Steppe
by Étage X The Buhars
Linear Rhythms
by Adil Aubekerov
Heart beat
by Artdepartmentkz