Project created in Boszhira region of Kazakhstan orients toward the synthesis between land and humankind
The protagonist silently wakes up at dawn amidst the cosmic landscapes and starts moving accompanied by a range of melodies created with traditional Kazakh musical instruments, introducing diverse sounds and tunes. The rhythm of this place lives beyond time evolving through contrary senses, escalation, and slowdown, striving
to capture states of stillness, restless heatwaves, rushing and slowing down, awaiting and speeding up. The dancer’s movements and senses are blended in with the scenery and the nomadic sounds caught in on a loop of the eternal cycle with no start or end. As the night falls the dancer observes the light flashbacks of the ancient ocean, capturing the magic that happens at the intersection of water and light. The sun rises, and the dancer falls asleep.
Concept & Production: Étage / DoP: Bagdat Arginov / Film Director: Somerset Karine / Artist: Nikolay Bagdasarian / Aerial DP: Baiken Nursultan
Photographer: Baurdjan Bismildin / Art Director: Somerset Karine / Artist: Nikolay Bagdasarian / AC1: Alisher Duisenbiyev / AC2: Yerkeulan Aldabergen / Gaffer: Esen Meldebekov / Lighting crew: Turan Kemelbek, Serik Serkibay / Music: Emil Dosov, The Buhars / Edit: Chingiz Bogdanov / Color: Yerlan Tanayev / MUAh: Assel Shakhzhanova / Backstage: Alua Baidarova / Props Coordinator: Shamshaddin Omar