DANCE                                                                                                OF                                                                                                         MEN

The short film debuted on NOWNESS ASIA  as an art project reflecting on Yerbolat Tolepbay’s artistic path.

A close-up of the Kazakhstani artist brings into light a series of flashbacks and reflections on his mind-twisting works. He shares the secrets behind his interdisciplinary approach, which is borrowed from his native land, the customs of his ancestors, and the deep connection he had with his mother who was a skilled healer.


It is based on Tolepbay’s core childhood memories in auyl (Qazaq village) that forced him to be more observant than any ordinary kid. Immersion into the deep waters of his authentic perception is a true testament to getting lost in the moment while creating art. This film included a series of metaphoric scenography designs inspired by traditional heritage, customs, and land. Flashbacks from the past are reappearing in his mind and his works, revealing the meanings of his memories, to understand the anatomy of the artist.

“We are constantly moving around to ultimately find stillness”

—  Yerbolat Tolepbay

Production Étage / Concept & Art-Direction Somerset Karine / Direction Zhannat Alshanova / DoP Madiar Satybaldiyev / Aerial DP Nursultan Baiken / Gaffer Ainur Kazhakarimova / Music MERGEN / Edit Shakhzod Musayev / Color Daniyar Mussin / MUAh Gaukhar Zhangazak, Anzhelika Kucherova / Style Assel Nussipkozhanova / Set design Aliya Kossayeva / Yurt YOURTA / Cast Kambar Nurgali, Tolganay Talgat, Dana Zhinakbayeva, Svetlana Skobina, Ulzhan Khasanova, Bekarys Boranbayev, Bazil Sutangazy, Beken Mumbaev, Dariga, Tleuken Aitmukhanov / Kokpar team Daukey Kokpar Club / Runners Dilyara, Kamila, Alyona / Special thanks Republican German Drama Theatre, Nadin,, MPM kids model agency, Serik Rysbekov Jewelry / Location Bartoğai bögenı — July 2021