When approaching the design of this book we knew we wanted to showcase and share with the wider audience the beautiful and rare photographs taken on tours and as part of album promotions, as well as photographs from family and friends' archives and atmospheric photos of Batyr's homeland. We wanted the design to reflect the meaning of what is said on the page, but not overpower and distract. The colours of endleaves and backgrounds are inspired by the colours of Kazakhstan's vast steppes. The two typefaces selected for the book — a bold, geometric sans serif and a classic serif reflect Batyr's voice — powerful on stage and softer, humble in real life.
Batyr Live is a book published in memory of Batyrkhan Shukenov (commonly known as BATYR) — a prominent Kazakhstan and Russian singer, musician, composer, and poet, and co-founder of the iconic pop-music band A-Studio.

The book is a collection of Batyr's selected thoughts and ideas that he shared throughout his life in interviews, constructed in the form of a single monologue about music, art, and strong faith in oneself.
These quotes are both in Kazakh and Russian languages, as both languages were prominent in the singer's life. In the end, there is a section of Braille, created in collaboration with the local visually impaired community. We felt it is important to share Batyr's words with those who are particularly sensitive to music and are also Batyr's big fans.